Before now, say a century past, people bought clothes largely because they needed them. This is evident in the number of sales that fashion and clothing sellers recorded. The difference between purchases made during festive seasons and other seasons is not usually as pronounced as we have it now. As it is, a seller cannot always bank on Christmas, New Year, and other special holidays to record a massive sale as several factors apart from these now influence people’s buying patterns. For instance, if a clothing item is not trendy, the season of the year may have no impact on its sales. Some of the factors that determine people’s buying patterns include

1.People’s Income

This factor is very elementary but valid. Higher disposable income often amounted to the higher purchase of clothing items. That’s because, in the hierarchy of human needs, clothing ranks next to food. It’s only when a person’s requirement of food is considerably satisfied that they can remember to stock their wardrobes with apparel.

2.What’s Trendy

Many clothing items on major e-commerce websites, for example, Zaful, are selling fast because they are trendy. People’s desire to catch up with time and the ever-moving fashion contributes immensely to their buying pattern. So, if the issue of finance is set aside, the trendier a clothing item is, the more people are likely to patronise it.


Brands have become a way people show their class and social status these days. Expensive and luxurious brands continue to record huge sales not necessarily because they need it but more because they want to be different. So, brands that have come a long way in quality tend to attract more sales than others.


Certain clothing items sell better during winter than in other seasons. Some are hot cakes in summer, while others will have to wait until some different seasons to see any patronage. So, when analysing the buying pattern of people concerning clothing, one cannot leave out the force of nature.


Most clothes that people buy are targeted at special occasions or festivals of their friends. Almost every special event has its unique outfit, and it is not unusual to have people celebrate such at least 3 to 4 times a year.

In a Nutshell

A lot is changing in how people buy clothes nowadays because clothing items have gone beyond things to cover one’s body; it is now a means of expression. And although it may be expensive, quality pays in the long run. You can check out established brands to see which style you want but never purchase without reading their customer reviews.

Reviews are beneficial when performing any online transaction because it opens the windows of the company to you so you can see beyond the beautiful adverts. If the brand of your choice has tons of negative feedback from customers in recent times, the chances are that their products are no longer up to standards.