If you love entrepreneurship and seek to start and build a business, one of the most rewarding businesses to engage in is a clothing line business. From coming up with a whole cut and sew collection that features a variety of pieces and seasonal additions to just a simple line of printed attire, you can turn your dream into a reality. There are several steps involved subject to the type of clothing line you want to start. The more you want to be involved in your clothing line’s production and sourcing, the more effort, money, and time you’ll have to invest. For those who wish to go on easy and quick clothing line businesses, there are options for that too. There are various online review sites such as ReviewsBird GB that you can check for reputable online fashion clothes reviews to give you an idea of the right clothe line business to starts. This article offers insights that will guide you on how to start a cloth line.

Choosing the business model

When you have already decided to start your clothing brand, you got an important decision to make; the business model that your business will take. There are various ways to come up with a model and brand that is unique from others.  The cost, difficulty, and time input will dramatically vary based on these choices.

Some of the most common options include

  • Sew and custom cut clothing line
  • Private label clothing line
  • Print on demand

Below are tabulated advantages and disadvantage of each choice



Time input


Sew and custom cut clothing line


Very High


Private label clothing line




Print on demand


Very Low

Very Low


1. Sew and custom cut clothing line

In Sew and custom cut clothing line, you will be doing everything, from sketch, designing, turning these designs into patterns, sourcing for manufacturers and fabrics, and paying for the entire production line. Coming up with your clothing line is a process that can be intensive and will go for several months without getting up and running. You’ll need to search for the manufacturer that will be ready to do lesser runs; you will have to source and test the clothing material, work with pattern makers and come up with multiple samples before settling on the final product. Just getting a few samples done can cost quite a significant amount of cash. You’ll then be required to produce a full run with your manufacturer once you settle on the final product. It can take between 3 months to a year and can cost up to over $10,000 with a very high input of energy needed.

2. Private label clothing line

A private label clothing line entails buying blank clothing, which you will then be required to tailor through adding labels , tags, and prints, among others. The fact that you will be buying in bulk implies that you will also be required to figure out how you will ship and warehouse your products. By purchasing the apparel and clothing pieces in bulk and upfront, you will find great prices to allow more significant gains. An additional advantage is that by buying inventory upfront and not directly printing from the printer, you get much control of the final product making it possible to add custom labels and tags. This makes it possible to increase the brand’s perceived value, which will also allow for greater margins. Purchasing inventory upfront also permits high effectiveness and quality in printing processes such as screen printing. Generally, a Private label clothing line requires medium energy and time input and will take weeks.

3. Print on demand

This is the easiest option for opening your clothing line and entails printing your logo and designs on a standard plain attire. It is an option that will suit individuals on a low budget and those who need the benefits that accompany a business with a relatively high level of automation. However, this business model has been criticized for having low-profit margin levels and lacking the capability to distinguish your product on stitching, material, and fit.

Typically, print on demand process uses distinct, digital ink-jet printers to print ink onto apparel and clothing directly. The digital printers have the capability of producing fully colored images with extreme precision. The method produces printed apparel of high quality quickly and efficiently within days and doesn’t have associated setup cost. It requires very low energy and time input.

In conclusion, if you have always wanted to start your own clothing line business you can always follow the above tips.